Hit Me With Your Best Chalk.


I love when chalkboards are used as decor in a room. The fact that you can erase, and recreate a new quote or design makes them a must have!

Writing/doodling is relaxing to me. I really enjoy writing in different fonts and doodling random images.

i created this chalkboard design today, and I’m obsessed with it. So simple. Yet, so stinkin cute!

Get your chalk & get to chalkin! 😊

Home Renovation: Room #3

“The kitchen is for dancing, coffee sipping, and sweet kisses giving”

The kitchen is a popular “favorite room” in the home for a woman. It’s one of my favorites as well! I don’t know about you, but I feel powerful in a kitchen. I haven’t decided if it’s because of all the gadgets, ‘playing with fire’ from the gas stove, or the fact that I cook/provide food for my family.

When we bought our ‘fixer upper’ the kitchen was where most of our budget would be. I didn’t like one thing about the kitchen except cabinet space. The cabinet color and counter tops looked ‘sad’ together. The kitchen looked BLUE. From ceiling to tile, all I saw was BLUE! I loveeeee a white kitchen and that’s exactly what we made happen. I’ll tell you a secret before I share the before and after pictures. The only changes we made in this kitchen was the cabinet color and the floors. Our renovation project in this room totaled to $4,500!! THAT’S IT! It looks like a $15k+ difference.

Before. This is the photo I sent our cabinet lady when I reached out to her for a quote.
AFTER ❤️❤️
Before. This is the photo I sent our cabinet lady when I reached out to her for a quote.
AFTER ❤️❤️
Before. This is the photo I sent our cabinet lady when I reached out to her for a quote.
AFTER ❤️❤️

Small things to notice: the countertops are the same countertops. Do you notice how they don’t look as blue. The wall color is the same color as well. Do you notice how the cabinets made the wall paint look lighter? I’m not a fan of bold rooms. It’s not my cup of tea. Some love a bold room and that’s great! A light colored pallet makes a room look larger, also.

The tile is my favorite. Yes, you read that correctly. TILE. I will never put anything else in my home. Especially since we live in Texas on the gulf coast (hurricane alley). It’s so easy to clean and to maintain. I’m in love with this transformation of our fixer upper kitchen!

Home Renovations: Room #2

“Renovating not only restores the house but restores the story.”

Renovating can turn exciting to stressful in the matter of seconds. Delays in product arrival, paint colors not appearing on the wall as you envisioned, material that arrived damaged are some hiccups that are common to happen. Always remember that the end is in sight. I get so impatient when it comes to remodeling a room. I want it done in one day and want to purchase all the material, decor, paint etc at one time 😂. The best part of renovating is the finished product. I usually stand at the doorway with my hands on my hips and inspect the room from the ceiling all the way to the floor to make sure the room isn’t lacking something. It’s an awesome feeling when your vision finally comes to life after sometimes months! Below is the before and after photos of our renovated formal living room. It’s my favorite room in the house now!

Home Renovations: ROOM #1.

My husband and I purchased our first home together. We decided to take a look at older homes below our budget and renovate the home to our liking. Building a new home did come to mind, also. A new construction home is like a kid in a candy store for interior designers. But, renovating a home is just as exciting!

We purchased our fixer upper and started renovating parts of our home. Here is a glimpse of just how much a room can come together with a few changes. The best tip I can give someone who wants redo a space, is to only put items you truly love into the room. Stick to the styles and colors that make you smile when you see them. The materials that are captivating to you, will make you have a heartwarming feeling when you enter the space. That’s the type of space you’ll want to never leave.


Before Renovation

After Renovation

So crazy! It’s still hard to believe this is the same room! I loved the wall color. Why change it? We kept it the same and still brought the room to life. As I said above, only make changes and choose items that you truly love.

Xoxo- Jenna

Easter Decor:

Easter is one of my favorite occasion to decorate for. My eyes are drawn to pastel colors and it really helps my spaces feel like ‘home.’

Decorating is one of my favorite hobbies. It really keeps me busy and I truly enjoy helping a confused space find its way. Interior design is more than throwing items on a table and hammering nails into a wall. It’s about walking into a room and seeing what it’s capable of being. Study the room. Know the room. Enhance the room.